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Tiered Pay Price

Tiered Pay Price

In order to offer our customers consistent high quality grass-fed beef, we need to continue to improve on our degrees of finish. Our customer promise is for mid select grade to choice finish in cattle. Tiered pricing was introduced and refined by the board to have another tier so cattle who are close will bring a better price for our members.

Tier 1 Choice+: Cattle finishing high select and up (90 or higher on the select scale), will receive the 20%+ premium vs choice grade conventional pricing.

Tier 2 High Select: Cattle finishing high select (50 to 90 on the select scale) will still receive a premium of approximately 20% vs the select grade conventional pricing.

Tier 3 Mid Select:  Marbling score 30 to 40 on the select scale

Tier 4 Low Select: Marbling score 0 to 20 on the select scale but under 30 months of age.

Tier 5 Culls & Bulls: Cattle over 30 months of age will be paid the current WGBC cull cow price

Patronage Bonus: If you are a producer who dedicates 16 or more head per calendar year for sale to the WGBC, any additional shipments may be eligible for an additional $0.10/lb payment.

* Culls, bulls and veal are not needed every cycle – check with Pete about sending one with your fat cattle shipment

Upcoming Cattle Shipping Schedule
Some dates are open at this time. Contact Pete at 920-210-9177 for details or to schedule a shipment – it really helps the co-op (and Pete’s sanity) if you let him know well in advance when your cattle will be ready!

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