Wisconsin Grass-fed Beef Cooperative

16 Grass Feed Cross Breed, Cow&Calves & 1 Bull for sale

Have 16 grass feed Cows, Calves and 1 Hereford bull Mr Max, for sale.

The cows are a mix of British White, Pinzqauer and Charolais and one 5yr old Devon/Galloway.

Cows by age: 7-5yr, 7-6yr, 1-8yr, 1-10yr

These animals have always been rotational Grazed as part of the Grass Feed Beef Coop!

The cows are just finishing calving (1st calve was 6-11) and Mr Max is waiting to get busy.

Price $950 per Cow/calve pair except for Devon Cow/calf pair $1200.

Bob & Judi Pesz, Wildernessvalley Farm E644 Lankey dr Wonewoc Wi 53968,


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